Our Staff….

Colleen Reynolds, Office Manager

Colleen Reynolds, Administrative Assistant

Coleen Reynolds
Since 1995 Coleen has been the familiar face greeting customers at the front desk and on the phone. As an Administrative Assistant, Coleen brings an element of warmth to E. Eugene Platt & Associates, as she helps establish and maintain the CPA-client relationship. One of her main goals is to be a positive liaison between the CPA's and the clients. She can guide you to the appropriate resource to handle your questions, often providing the answers directly. Some of her responsibilities are; accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll.

When you stop by our office, Coleen will know exactly where your paperwork is and can get it for you with just a few steps. This is a big plus when your focus is running your business and completing your daily to-do list without endless waiting. The second thing you will notice about Coleen's desk, is her bottomless candy dish! Some of our clients stop by the office just to say Hi, and grab a quick candy or two.

Around tax time the pace quickens, but for the 2011 tax season there will always be the sweet smell of freshly baked cookies for our clients and smartly prepared tax forms ready for pickup and signing.
Cathy Newton, Bookkeeper

Cathy Newton, Bookkeeper

Cathy is the “Go-To Girl” around the office. With a cheerful disposition and endless energy she has tackled the huge task of converting E. Eugene Platt & Associates to a “paperless office”. Using Lacert's Document Management System (DMS) she has archived years of our client's important data so that we can refer to it with a few keystrokes. This was the mastermind of Gene Platt as he pushes our office to aggressively keep pace with changing technology. This increases our ability to service our clients better – instead of taking days to fill a request of archived documents, (for instance, the last 2 years of bank statements when applying for a loan) we can fill that need in minutes.

Cathy is also one of our general bookkeepers. She can help your business manage your companies financial records. Some of her day-to-day duties include: recording financial transactions (such as checks written and received); and reconciling bank statements.

Tax season is a busy time around E. Eugene Platt and Associates, and after Gene gives a thorough review of your tax files, Cathy assembles and prepares your file ready for your signature.